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Just listed – Floral Essential Oil Pendant Necklace

Last week I made these flat, smooth pendants and fired them in the kiln. I took me about a week to paint them with glaze, then I coated them with a shiny topcoat and fired them again. I really like how these sweet flower pendants came out.  They are now in my shop!

Just listed – Sea Horse Dish

I love these little dishes. I have them all over my house.  In the bathroom for rings and jewelry, next to the kitchen sink, next to my bed, I even have on next to my Keurig machine for my dirty coffee spoons. They are great for everything!

One of my favorite uses is for essential oils. My daughter has one on her nightstand holding a bottle of lavender essential oil and a small diffuser.  She uses lavender oil to help her sleep.

Do you use essential oils? What is your favorite use for them?
Have you are having a nice week!